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Ahhhhh... more troubling news... I wondered if automation was limited to morphing between A and B, but was assuming it was not because that would be ridiculous (!) given the OBVIOUS potential of full automation!

But... I remember seeing a demo of Spat, where they used an animation of a bee (I think) flying around and had used Spat to track its course in post. So... are you sure about this?

Nuendo also allows access to a lot of plug-in controls...

I'll have to look into this when I crack it open next week.
Let me know if you find anything different, but it did not work in Nuendo at the time (Nuendo 4). As I recall, I tried everything just to see what would work, including drawing in automation lanes in Nuendo one at a time, reassigning controllers, etc - didn't work. Only the morph slider would automate between two points - and that is really just one control from the DAW. I believe Flux confirmed this limitation, but will have to dig back through emails to see what they said to be sure.