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Old 16th May 2006
Dynaudio M1.5 and BX30 question

Hello, mostly on this board I see people talking about the active monitor offerings of Dynaudio, but my question is about a different configuration. At the studio I'm currently at, we have the Dynaudio M1.5s and a BX30 sub, which is not working well in our particular control room for many reasons. My question is this:

1) Anyone using either of these units successfully in a studio? Particularly if you're using the M1.5s, do you have them soffit mounted or free-floating? What room size do you have? How far away from the speakers do you sit, typically?

2) We hear quite a bit of bass from the dual woofers and the dual ports on the M1.5 - hence, in what setting would the sub really be necessary?

Our studio may be relocating, in which case a more proper acoustic buildout is an option, In that event, I'm trying to ascertain if these speakers will serve our needs in the future.