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Agreed - Spat does sound fantastic and the concept has great potential, but the lack of automation support beyond the basic morph slider makes it unusable for post at the moment, or when I demo'd it last year at least.

And in Nuendo, even automating a linear move with the morph slider (which is all it would automate) caused serious cpu spiking with a very simple setup at higher latency - single audio file, stereo in/out, linear morph of left to right position alone (quad core). Just moving parameters works fine, but automation apparently has some issues - if I recall correctly, Flux claimed it was a Steinberg issue. The issues I ran into with ProTools were Pace-related, so I never had a chance to seriously test it there.

Maybe automating morph will work on a 12-core system in some other host, but I would try it under a real-world scenario before assuming it will work cleanly beyond single file, static scene sound design.