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Old 6th November 2011
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I love the Flux plugins and would like to buy more, but this lack of support (and 64-bit) and the user horror stories is making me to take my money elsewhere.
I have several of their plugins, but finally gave up trying to use them. I spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting a problem with their security apps (FluxA, FluxB), but still had issues with ProTools, so I deleted all of them and put the key in the drawer.

Pace is bad enough, but Flux really needs to at least drop their intermediate security app and either adopt Pace support directly, or stick to their own key - that might solve half of the instability problems, or it might not.

Of course, all security procedures are going to introduce potentially serious stability/compatibility problems (i.e. honest paying customers pay the price for piracy, not developers or pirates). I lost more money in time spent debugging Flux plugin problems than they cost. And they lost a paying customer in the process. I hope it's worth losing a few dozen paying customers just to stop a handful of 14 year old kids from using them illegally.