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Old 6th November 2011
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Originally Posted by Tui View Post
Oh it can. Even plugs that aren't currently loaded can cause crashes. One plug can cause another to produce audible clicks, too.

Hold on... someone has to explain to me how this could possibly happen.

1. Plugins are DLLs. (dynamically linked libraries) These are little in-process bits of code that run only when they are loaded. You can have 1,000 plugs sitting in your VST, RTAS, or whatever folder and they will not run unless they are inserted into the project.

2. Even when they are running, they should have no effect on one another. It's true that badly written code (e.g., writing to memory you didn't allocate) could cause a host to crash. But that would be because there's badly written code in the Flux plugin, unless your iZotope plugin causes your host to crash without the Flux plugin present.

I'd love to hear someone who writes code explain why Flux is right here.