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Lives for gear

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That's like offering meat to vegetarians.
We all make beats, why would we want your beats?
I don't think too many MCs are browsing this forum bud.
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I think we all do make beats. But it's cool you're doing your thing. However, there is an appropriate "Check My Mix" thread already open for things of this nature.
I hear what you are saying but maybe for the LP you are producing you want a different sound? here are some joints you can use until you get an exclusive beat or you can use it to your hearts content for whatever...i'm sure alot emcees probably lurk as well

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Also just downloaded the flight of France track. will let you know if it gets laced or not, but good work on the beats.

I like the France track and the "If You Want" track.

Just some feedback IMO you could try adding a bit more variety to the tracks to separate chorus, verse, intro, bridge etc. whether it be a switch up in the sample or melody or even drum patterns. but all in all some solid work.
thanks for the feedback and you can feel free to add more sounds to it...the latest one I posted aren't 10 year old beats though more like 6-8 years