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Plus the fact that the card based system will always be more powerful, since it gives you the card PLUS the native power of your CPU.

Why do people keep missing this?

Others already replied to that, nobody is missing something
the point is computing power is *cheap* as opposed to a DSP card which
will become obsolete in term of power very fast, this is 2011 not 2008,
even an average computer has enough power to run a big audio project,
plus if we're considering PCs, hell I won't even go there..
You can upgrade your computer with spare change.

The point is PT has several other flaws imo that should be fixed instead
of concentrating on "new" cards for an old system, which to be honest
don't even look so powerful..
There was a time in which DSP were needed to run an audio project because even the hottest computer out there didn't have enough power,
that time is long gone.

To each is own tho'