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Originally Posted by Zooey View Post
I can say without exaggeration that I have been hearing this same argument since 1998 or earlier.
That 'argument' has been said since long before 1998, about PT, PTIII, PT24, PTHD etc, but not about HDX. And as we now, similar 'arguments' haven proven themselves true as well. Not only are fast computers much faster than old, dedicated DSP-based systems, but the phones we use have more DSP power than the old DSP based systems we had. 8-core Macs, for instance, have offered more than enough DSP for most DAW users for several years now. And the newest MacBook Pros and MacMinis are as fast as my 2008 8-core Mac....

Originally Posted by oceantracks View Post
Plus the fact that the card based system will always be more powerful, since it gives you the card PLUS the native power of your CPU.

Why do people keep missing this?
I don' think anyone misses that. It's just that even today, and for some time now, loads of DAW users don't need that extra DSP, so that's not an 'argument' either.

If your car needs four wheels, it doesn't get any better if you have 8. And if you aren't allowed - or need to - drive faster than 85 mph, investing in a car that lets you drive in 120 mph only means more expenses. And that's not an 'argument' either.

Whatever floats your boat - but the 'argument' isn't 'in two years' anymore. It's 'two years ago' (actually, more than two years ago).