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"Pro Tools HD 10 Upgrade Pricing -

First, let’s talk about the Pro Tools HD 10 upgrade. We believe strongly in the value of Pro Tools HD 10. It represents a significant step forward for our professional customers. The workflow improvements in Pro Tools HD 10 are substantial, and when added together, dramatically reduce the time required to deliver your best results. And while it may be difficult to put a specific price tag on features like Extended Disk Cache, Clip Gain, our premium AAX Channel Strip plug-in, and many other additions, if sold separately they could easily add up to much more than $999.

Avid Standard Support Plan for $599 -

Now, back to the Avid Standard Support plan. I spoke about this last week and we quickly saw there was a great deal of confusion. We really want to clear this up because this program is great for our customers. So currently, if you are on an Avid support plan, you receive a year of maintenance (tech support, etc.) and free upgrades from the time of purchase. So if you were on this plan when you originally purchased Pro Tools HD 9, you would be eligible for a complimentary upgrade to Pro Tools HD 10. What we realized quickly was that very few of our audio customers knew about it and therefore could not take advantage of it. Based on this, we wanted fix the problem and create an opportunity for you to get on this retroactively."

Please, how can you value an upgrade summing all the features? so then I have to say that Logic is a bargain because for $500 you get so many features!
Also , come on Cilp Gain it is the holy grail now, it is the latest innovation??? is a feature that is in so many other DAWs for at least 10 took this from others!!!!! if Clip Gain was not added before because was hard to code or because you did not wanted to...that is not our problem!

Also if tou could give Avid Standard Support Plan for $599 - when could give you the upgrade to PT HD 10 for free plus 1 year of technical support, so why u can not give just the upgrade to Pro Tools 10 just for $299 ????

Really you Avid make no sense and I can feel the greed.

In this moment are so many that are not going to upgrade to PT HD 10, but also everybody will upgrade if you give it to us for example at $299 specially when PT HD10 THIS IS THE LAST UPGRADE FOR TDM USERS!