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Originally Posted by jt916
Currently I am using PTHD for editing/mix/processing audio/music for local TV and radio ads. Usually I would stay inside PTHD itself to do a quick bounce or premastering using PTHD plugs and then Masterlink for the final audio file to deliver to clients via CD.

Once awhile I get my hand on loan outside gears, Massive passive, L2, Cranesong HEDD, etc. and love to route the audio from PTHD to these outboards.

My question is, what would be a better suggeston for mixing down to, other than the Masterlink or going back to a new stereo track inside PTHD?

I have another MAC laying around, I am thinking equipting it with a RME audio card, using Peak software and mixing down to this entire setup via digital. what you think?
Contrary to the internet myths (I'm surprised it's not in the thread "things I don't believe", bouncing within Pro Tools produces a DATA-IDENTICAL file. However, if you have lots of automation, and your CPU is maxed out, I've seen bounces that are slightly different from bounce to bounce. Choose the medium that's most convenient to you. The Masterlink is one of the most awkward tools ever invented. It's designed to keep an intern or assistant busy all day. I would suggest the new Tascam machine, or, BETTER YET, if you are paranoid about doing bouncing, then output from PT digitally to another Mac or PC running something reliable like Peak or whatever (just as you suggest), and record to its drive. At least then it will be on a computer and you can archive, cut CDs/DVDs, etc. without going through the Masterlink juggling match.

No matter how much you think you are going to use the Masterlink, you inevitably end up copying its discs to a PC for some purpose. It seems about as useful in today's world as a cow's fifth teat. I use my Masterlink for two things, playing audio CDs (through an external DAC), and playing back favorite masters from the hard drive to demo to clients. Using it like a jukebox. It has perfect data integrity, unlike Itunes. If someone could invent a "jukebox-style" playback program with less CPU load than Peak (Peak is notoriously CPU-intensive), and with equal data integrity, I'd drop my Masterlink in a second.