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A better stereo mix/premaster?

Currently I am using PTHD for editing/mix/processing audio/music for local TV and radio ads. Usually I would stay inside PTHD itself to do a quick bounce or premastering using PTHD plugs and then Masterlink for the final audio file to deliver to clients via CD.

Once awhile I get my hand on loan outside gears, Massive passive, L2, Cranesong HEDD, etc. and love to route the audio from PTHD to these outboards.

My question is, what would be a better suggeston for mixing down to, other than the Masterlink or going back to a new stereo track inside PTHD?

I have another MAC laying around, I am thinking equipting it with a RME audio card, using Peak software and mixing down to this entire setup via digital. what you think?