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Originally Posted by jaysunice
I'm a little confused as to why I would change the airflow? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Macintosh had gone to great lengths to create an extremely efficient front-to-back airflow? I believe the even suggest to keep computer doors shut while running?
The primary issue is that you're likely to be pulling in much warmer air than you would be if it were free-standing, so there will be less cooling going on.

Additionally, putting the computer in a box may reduce the airflow through it somewhat, depending on the construction and how close the computer's vents are to the walls of the box--it may raise the static air pressure at the exhaust end, which will reduce the volume of air moving through the machine.

The G5 will compensate for the temperature by running its fans faster and faster, potentially with your whole system ending up louder than it would have been with the G5 freestanding (a G5 with fans at full speed sounds a lot like an airliner.) I suspect that the G5 will shut itself down rather than allow itself to burn up if the temps get too high.

A single vent is going to be pretty inefficient in terms of cooling the box, though the cord hole will help. The air just isn't going to flow very well. Two smaller vents (one toward the bottom and one toward the top) should help--the natural convection will provide air flow through the box.

Ultimately you'll probably just have to try it, and tinker, and see how it goes.