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i've been listening with Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones.

for me, the difference is always clear when the acoustic guitar starts strumming (0:26). in the BLA one, the acoustic guitar has a more ringy-ish high-mid...and the acoustic sounds a little more mellow in that range in the stock one. i can hear this regardless of leveling. perhaps with different monitoring, more differences would emerge...or perhaps the opposite.

like i've said, i can't say which one sounds better, but there is a difference...and any analysis procedure that says otherwise is flawed, in my opinion.

but in post #16, you posted some numbers that indicates a difference of some sort, so perhaps whatever you did in that test yields solid results.

anyway you cut it, i think we're the only two people on the planet that care...8 posts since anyone else has piped in!