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Sure, HDX plus a powerful computer will always be better than just the computer, but if you already have a harpertown mac pro, add a new computer to the cost of HDX as well since harpertown (and i believe lower) wont work with HDX:

Also consider what kind of computer (or how many) you could get for the price of HDX. You could get a new computer now and set aside the rest for the next computer upgrade. Or get new mics, pres, etc etc.

For me i don't ever record through plugins and can just mute PT channels that are in record mode and monitor through my interface mixer for very low latency if needed.. but truthfully so far 32 or even 64 samples of buffer have been totally fine for me.

You either need HDX, or you don't. No big deal. (unless you do but find the cost prohibitive)
The AVID compatibility notes say that the following are compatible with HDX...

Mac Pro "Westmere" (all models, all speeds)
Mac Pro "Nehalem" (all models, all speeds)
Mac Pro "Harpertown" one or two Quad-Core 2.8, 3.0, 3.2GHz
Mac Pro "Clovertown" two Quad-Core 3.0GHz
Mac Pro "Woodcrest" two Dual-Core 2.0, 2.66, 3.0GHz