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Question How Hot is Too Hot? (Mac G5 ISO BOX)

I'm just about to finish up my custom-made-self-built ISO BOX for my Dual 2 GHz G5 and Glyph Firewire External Hard Drive. It's made with 1/2" MDF and lined with 1" Auralex Foam, as well as some standard packing insulation. I also drilled a 2" Diameter Hole in the Back (to allow for cords), in addition to medium sized vent (2" x 8" approx.) along the Back of the casing.

While my G5 never generated too much heat out of the box, it did make too much noise for my liking, thus the building of the ISO BOX. I'm going to throw a thermometer in there, but I don't know exactly how hot is TOO HOT? Any insight on the issue is more than appreciated.