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Originally Posted by Matthew Murray
Hey all... thinking about the Avocet, possibly. Everything looks great as far as sonics and features go .. but judging from the one promo shot I've seen of it, it's hard to tell exactly what the shape/form/material of the remote is. How is it for ergonomics and feel? I'm not really one for having the thing on my lap -- I'd rather find a permanent spot for it.. but it seems that you'd want it upright.

Are there racks/shelves/mounts that would suit this thing? Would love some more photos at different angles too if anyone has them. Thanks all.

I keep mine on my lap occasionally, or on the arm of the couch I'm sitting on. I imagine a good metal worker could mount it in a rack or whatever, but you definitely want it flat or no more than a 45 degree angle for the feel and to avoid carpal tunnel.

As for the feel of the buttons, my Logitech Harmony TV remote control can be operated in the dark cause all the buttons are custom and have a great feel. That is not the case with the Avocet, nor with so many of the more economically-produced controls in our industry. You can't afford custom plastics or machining in a low-volume industry. To make up for that, the buttons on the Avocet are nearly flush with the panel, and it feels nice to roll your fingers over them as you approach the one you want to press.

My only complaint with the Avocet is it is easy to accidentily change the gain offset, and Dave Hill has already conquered that issue (at my suggestion) in the surround model, and he's slowly "getting around tuit" for the stereo model.

Sonically, it's a winner. The new DAC is one of the best DACs there is, and as a monitor controller with solid, robust (transparent) sound it rocks! Plus he implemented my K-System 1 dB step approach with a 0 dB reference point and I can't argue with that!