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Old 13th May 2006
Here for the gear

Thanks for your words of warning and advice

I haven’t got a chance to go there before the concert so I have based my ideas on the photos on their website.

From what you have said if I use Neumann AK45 instead of AK 40 would that improve getting rid of the LF? I really want to use the Neumann capsules as it is for video. I don’t want to stick up 414s or anything like that.

In terms of the omnis in the hall again changing these to the AK45 would that help? Would I need to change the outriggers (currently AK43) to the AK 45??

It sounds a bit of a nightmare hall lol

The DDA D was RFS so I may stay clear of that. What do you think about the AD 144?? Would that be any use for stereo mix and multitrack??



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