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So am understanding this correctly? The brass band never plays along with the choir? If this is in fact true, than I would treat each group seperately. A full stereo setup for each side of the stage centered in the middle of each group. I personally hate it when they split a stage like this and I need to get some kind of reasonable stereo spread of each group that performs on its own. To me it's strange if this kind of music sounds like a Beatles recording (by the way, I worship Beatles recordings) with the drums fully on the left and the vocals fully on the right or whatever. If they do play together, it will be very hard for them to ballance reasonably for the listeners in the audience. The conductor will have his/her job cut out for them. It will be equally hard for you the recording engineer. Also, if they play together, be very carefull where the tubas are placed since they will often point right at any choir spot mics and dominate that mic. Use figure eights from above the choir with the nulls to the tubas in those situations. Good luck!