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RE: Recording Brass Band and Choir

The Brass band is about 30-35 players arranged in their usual U shape with their percussion at the back. The brass soloists will just stand in front of them just left or right of the conductor (usually left) just so they can see him. The band will be stage right.
The Choir is about the same in number and is a sort of a traditional choir, stage left. The Piano, Drum Kit and Bass will be probably in front of them slightly to the left. The Piano, drum kit and bass will only be used for the choir and they don’t have any sort of brass section accompanying them.
The Vocal soloist will stand infront of the choir i think and she will only sing with the choir and/ or piano, drum kit and bass.

I’ve been chatting to a few other people about this and we discussed having Wide cardioids for the 3 outriggers in front of the band and choir (Prob the AK 43 capsules) instead of the omni AK 30s. This was talked about as the room probably isn’t going to be great sounding as it used to be an roller skating rink so I feel its going to sound like a big box! I have the room mic for reflections/reverb if I want or I can add some reverb in post. Any thoughts?

With the DA98HR do they have analogue inputs? Like the DA 88? And offer ADAT optical output? That’s how I was thinking of getting it into my computer. I looked on the Tascam website but I couldn’t really understand it lol.
With recording Timecode do I need to record it on a sound track (ie leave me with 7 tracks) or is there a 'Hidden track' it records to? Does this effect how I get it into my computer?

Thanks for your help.

This is the Hall, if it helps