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Originally Posted by DJM
Any suggestions? Anybody?

I guess I fit that description...

I personally like to individually mic instruments. So, my opinions should be taken with a grain of salt if you want to record this with a more traditional approach.

How large is the brass band? And will the soloists move to the front when they solo or will they already be positioned in front of the section?

Is the choir section and vocal soloist separate from the piano, bass and drums or are they just next to the choir? Or, is the band center with the choir on one side and the brass section on the other side?

Too many questions; I know but, this helps me get a better picture of your setup.

Room mics hanging off the balcony and stands in the hall should handle the congregational singing and the band marching if applicable.

I like your initial plan. I would also add close up mics especially for the piano, bass and drums but, that’s only my opinion.

In any event, your proposed mic placements sound right and well planned out to me.

Do not DI the two SM58s. You must use mic splitters. A DI is used to take a HiZ signal and turn it into mic level signal. A simple two way mic level splitter transformer will do the trick well. The direct side could go to your recording setup while the transformer isolated side goes to the FOH desk.

If possible, use two DA98HRs. Their A/Ds sound much better than the DA88 A/Ds.

Remember to place isolation transformers on all interfacing between you, FOH and the video department. Mics, TC, video black, the stereo mix to video all should have transformers inline. I use IL19s for line level inline transformer isolation. Any good quality transformer will work.

I trust the traditional recordist will chime in with their wonderful ideas and enlightenment.