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Old 12th May 2006
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virus on apple?

I opened my mail today and somethimg took over the program Mail, in the menu bar the Format and Edit buttons were flashing, at first I didn't realize what was happening and the program just seemed stuck but the cursor would work normally but no command would be carried through, when I clicked on the edit button it flickered and I could see the paste function highlighted. I had to force the program to quit by going to the finder, the shortcut didn't work.
I relaunched the finder and relaunched Mail but the radio button in the dock called a finder window with Mail selected, now no other radio buttons in the dock work properly. I launched mail from its icon and found many copies of the same message, I deleted them closed the program, shut down the computer, waited a little, restarted the computer.
The dock still doesn't work, I launch Mail and find more of the same messages (advertisement from a dealer) and I delete them, Mail starts to open new messages at a terrifying rate and I'm trying to use the close all windows shortcut with no success. The new message windows have now covered my entire screen. I noticed something else happening in the menu bar where cut was highlighted in the edit menu. I forced the program to quit and all the windows went away. I relaunched Mail and the message was still there there was some action in the menu bar and all my messages were opening in sequence and I noticed that the cut function is highlighted when I click on the Edit button I immediately forced quit as I'd realized that it was cancelling all of my messages and shut off the computer and here I am, in the office trying to find out if anybody knows what this thing is and what I have to do to get rid of it. I called the dealer and asked if anyone else had called them and so far no one has. It may just be a coincidence that it was their message that was being duplicated, I still have it on my server.
Most people here use PCs and there are very few Apple savy types here. I'm looking at down time I believe, because I'm afraid it might eat more than my messages, I have an important project in the final stages, I don't want to chance something that tragic.
Anybody else hear about viruses like this on an Apple?
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