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Originally Posted by Kiwiburger
Ok RainbowCrazyMan - you're scaring me now. I have never been more convinced that you are the reincarnation of Walters ...

This is classic Walters trollspeak ... anyone with an ounce of technical knowledge will be pissing themselves laughing ...

"that I can notice polarity problems when I'm checking mono compatibility"

"what happens if I record with the wrong frame rate (I use 60 fps) "

"One thing is for sure though, my PAZ analyzer registers anti-phase peaks very easily when I pan some instrument hard L or hard R, even though I use mono sources"

"Is the Yamaha Tyros keyboard sampled in the wrong way?"

Why yes - TonyCrazyStorm, Korg sampled it the wrong way. Won't they be embarassed when they read this?
You must have some kind of serious problem with yourself, because this is just such a bull**** comment and is very much against the rules of this board... You treat others with low respect, because on SOME level that works for you. Maybe you hope I will reveil what your problem is. Your problem is that you have got a misconception between love and reward. A polarity problem! When you have showed love towards others you have for some reason not been rewarded for this. It tells me you are not or haven't been in a loving environment, because when you show the opposite to love you get a reward on some kind of level. Find out what the rewards are, then take control over these rewards to get control over your life.

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