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We're on the same page. I like the compression curve on the Decapitator for the "A" setting with kick drum, if I want a low endy kick. If I want the mids to pop I like the "E" setting. I don't like the compression curve quite as much, it's a little too rounding, but it jazzes up the mids really well.

I use it for excitement and compression at the same time.
Umm, considering i still ask you for advice for drum sounds it makes sense we are on the same page Matt! I had no idea Decap was doing that - just know that 'e' makes everything better lol!

To be honest i took your advice in my latest session and didn't need decap! we used a seperate woofer as a mic to get that sub bottom. Some great mics, kit room ribbons, dynamics on the snare 1 top and 1 bottom overheads were some old vintage shizzle i was down with haha <--technical..a little comp on way in from an ashley and eq from allen and heath old vintage board sound gorgeous. Running real hot peaking just below 0db. sound was friggin awsome. Got second session tomorrow to finish up.

Been meaning to sort out time for skype dude sound like we need a catch up asap!

God Bless