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Talking Recording Brass Band and Choir

Hey all,

I've read quite a few posts about recording Brass Bands and Choirs over the last few years and i shall be recording both in a few weeks time in a concert, for video, and wondered what you guys thought about my initial ideas.

I've done quite a bit of sound work for video before like interviews etc. but nothing quite on this scale! Thanks for your help in advance.

It’s going to be in a relatively small hall (About 500 seater) with a small balcony running across the back (about 3 seats deep) and around the sides of the hall to the stage front.

The Brass Band are going to be on one side of the stage (Lets say right) and has a few brass soloists that will stand in front of them, slightly aligned left or right, and the choir on the other side. The choir plan to have a vocal soloist and piano, drum kit and bass guitar. At this sort of thing there is also the potential for congregational singing and the band marching in the hall.

My initial plan is to hang 3 Neumann AK 30 capsules (omni, diffuse field, HF boost) across the front of the stage (Left, centre, right) with the rigging going into the balconies either side of the stage. These will act as outriggers to the band and choir.

Then for the main pairs i would have an ORTF set-up on the band behind the conductor and on the choir i would use an AB set-up. These will use AK40 (cardioid) capsules and will be placed across the same rigging as the outriggers, all hanging relatively same distances.

Along with these main mics and outriggers I would use another mic for the band and that would go inside the U shape or over perc (at the back) using another hanging Ak 40 capsule and for the choir just spots on piano, drum kit and bass guitar using AKG C414 ULS for the piano and DK and a Sennheiser MKH40 on the speaker for the Bass. These will be all mounted on floor stands

For the potential of congregational singing and the band marching in the hall i plan to use 2 more AK 30 in the hall hung across the balconies in a similar way to before so they sort of give an even coverage from side to side.

For the vocal soloist and speakers etc. I will use 2 SM58 on floor stands, DIed so a feed can go to me and another to FH.

All these will be feed through multicores (~50m) and specialist cables (in the case for the Neumann Ak going to the KM 100 pre-amps before the multi) to the production room. These feeds will then go into a DDA Series D (16-8-2) or a AD 144 mixer.

There I will do a stereo mix for the video and record multi track onto 2 Tascam DA 88 or 98HR from the direct outs of the mixer.
Doing this lets me tidy up the mix for video in post and gives video a reference to edit from.

Sorry it’s so long I just needed to make sure I tried to get every thing in! If you have any questions or can put me right on anything just let me know.



P.S. I think I have got the right place for this post but if I’m wrong just move it, Thanks.