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Polarity problems

I know some about polarity problems but constantly find myself not pressing those phase invert buttons on the mixing console when I probably should. If I've understood it correctly those phase invert buttons should be used together with the pan knobs to create a better stereo image and reduce some problems and that I can notice polarity problems when I'm checking mono compatibility. Lately I noticed that the L3 limiter sometimes adds a short delay on the signal, so I seem to be getting polarity problems from that when I add it on tracks. Then I started thinking about what happens if I record with the wrong frame rate (I use 60 fps) or if the buffer size determines how much in sync I get those tracks recorded or if other effects add small delays as well. One thing is for sure though, my PAZ analyzer registers anti-phase peaks very easily when I pan some instrument hard L or hard R, even though I use mono sources (only keyboard sources). To sum it up, I'm confused. Is the Yamaha Tyros keyboard sampled in the wrong way? I usually record pseudo stereo sources in mono (the L channel) with the DSP engine disabled. How should I target all this?!