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Old 11th May 2006
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It's a 212 mic preamp, a 225 compressor and a 550a EQ.

I don't know the real nitty gritty differences between the 212 and the 512c, but I think that's been discussed here somewhere. IIRC, the differences are not too great.

The 550a is a killer EQ that needs no introduction.

I own 525 compressors and have not formally compared them to 225's but have used the 225's and I like them.

I don't think there's any reason not to get the channel strip if you're planning on buying all the stuff at once anyway. I think it works out that the channel strip is exactly the price of a 212 + a 225 + a 550a, or at least really close. You'd have to get a rack if you didn't get the channel strip.

It's really close either way, I just prefer the flexibility of the lunchbox route. But I don't think you're gonna regret either purchase.