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Are there actually different types of clipping? Cause what I'm hearing sounds like a pop in the speakers and is just plain annoying everytime the kick hits at full velocity.
Boi 1da alludes to letting his drums clip in some interview I can't find now (he talks about just "turning his drums up louder" to get them to bang, and there are other videos where you can see his drum tracks are clearly clipping). I suspect that's also what's going on in this song (produced by Lex Luger):

Rather than actually letting the tracks clip, I use Bitcrusher and overdrive them in there, so the track isn't clipping and ****ing up the rest of my mix, only the drums are clipping. I used this technique on the drum bus in the track in my signature (which is in my first post on this page, higher up).

I might very well be using some of these terms wrong/be wrong about the details, but the point is, experiment and see what you come up with.