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I should point out that I can't really tolerate vintage analogue synths either - ones that are pre MIDI or early MIDI with incomplete/buggy spec. I hate having to find rare parts for anything and I'd rather not have to deal with hording spares. My setup is entirely based around a computer running Windows 7, so I will sell up or pass up anything that doesn't work fully with a modern computer running Windows. It is critical that I only have 1 keyboard (which must be a Virus TI) because I don't have a big room and its astonishing how quickly my productivity goes down when my work space is cramped and cluttered.

If you already have vintage analogue synths then Sunsyn is really not a whole lot different. Its just a bit harder to service and you can only reliably get spares from 1 guy in Berlin. He won't sell separately however since they are for Sunsyn repairs only. Hopefully that should explain my position clearly. I note that there are alot of people on this forum that are ok with making sacrifices to incorporate really old synths into modern studios or they simply do not rely on modern conveniences. If that sounds like you, then the laundry list above might not even affect you in a meaningful way. In any event, it makes more sense to think of the Sunsyn like a really old synth even if it is modern. It is modern in many ways but it is also really retro in others. If you can handle the retroness of it, then you'll find alot to like. I just couldn't handle it. Thats all there is to it.