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Originally Posted by robot gigante
No offense, but is this really an issue? Raising the noise floor is the last thing I worry about when I compress.
I record a lot of stuff "on location" and it's always an issue to put a compressor in at the tracking stage. You get all kinds of fun stuff like a/c, trains, traffic, aircraft, depending on the recording chain, HPF, etc. Even in a quiet space, you can pull in the click track from the headphones. I guess some people don't track with as much compression as I sometimes do.

Originally Posted by Darius van H
Isn't smoothing dynamics and controlling volume creative?.....sometimes i get the feeling that most people think compression is for making something louder - that's not how i think of it at all.
I always think that using a compressor is for a specific sound, or effect, so I agree with you.

If it's for control of levels, ride the fader.