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I am checking for a singer-songwriter client for whom I did/am doing 3 of 11 songs (arrangement/programming/mixing/co-produce).

Song arrangements are mostly programmed with samples plus live guitars/basses, and mixed ITB.

We are looking for AFFORDABLE mastering. Our "special" needs are:

1. We are poor. My client told me the budget set aside for mastering and I said: "maybe you should just master 3 of the songs". The $ I charged her for arranging her songs probably hardly paid for the electricity I used to run my DAW and equipment to do it. My client is a private piano teacher with just 3 students, she paid for everything out of her own pocket.

2. The mixes are far from "pro". We try our best using budget gear, inexperienced ears and untreated rooms. But we are not looking for "mastering" that simply squashes it to death (I can do that) and pretend it sounds better. It has to "save the day".

3. There are at least two other arrangers/programmers/mixers besides me and our different set of sound palette/tools results in VERY different results. What can mastering do to make it sound like "a record"? Or am I making any sense?

4. The album is a very strange one, in terms of genre. It has vintage hard rock, a Peter Gabriel-ish ballad, a marching band tune, a piano song, some acoustic guitar tracks, a "live"string quartet and some pop-rock stuff. We are looking for MEs that can understand each song musically and treat it differently.

5. Our location means it has to be unattended mastering. Which means we need samples of what you can do to our songs before trusting you to do it. Would that be possible?

6. It would be best if we could upload the file to you via (secured) internet.

7. The mixes will only be completed end June but it has to be released in mid july. How far must I book ahead?

Pls PM me with your rates if you are looking for a potentially interesting and satisfying job that just doesn't pay.

Thanks folks. (this is not a joke neither am I trying to insult mastering engineers btw)