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Newbie computer questions

Here's what I'll be working with;
Mac G3 ibook 300MHz with 1.5Gb internal IDE
OS 8.6
Tascam US-224 controller
Pro Tools Free

This is simply a system to learn the basics of Pro Tools recording/editing.
Only two or three of the 8 tracks will be used for recording/playback.

The questions;
1) Is a separate hard drive needed or is the internal storage enough?
2) If a separate drive, would a IDE hard drive be O.K.?
3) How concerned should I be about latency as one track may be
vocals? (the bit rate is limited to 16 on Pro Tools Free)
4) If I erase the internal hard drive after backing to a digital two track
could fragmentation still be an issue and why?
5) Would the CD-ROM for Pro Tools Free tend to make this set-up run better
than just downloading it?

Thanks in advance for any responses,