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I think it's not worth to pay a huge ammount of money for this synth and go thru all this effort to keep the unit calibrated and 100% functional... Just thinking about all this maintenance routine just makes feel like never getting a sunsyn.
Its not a whole lot different to early MIDI or pre MIDI analogue polys to be honest. I had more problems with my Xpander which doesn't respond to CC at all. Then 2 VCOs, a VCF and a multiplexer died around the same time and the tuning started to become seriously unstable (3 semi tone drift in under a minute). It spent 4 months in a workshop before I could even find a pair of CEM-3374s. Now its fine, but keeping any analogue poly 100% functional involves having a maintenance routine and you pay through the hole to own one. I don't think its worth it anymore but some people do and thats fair enough I guess.

The laundry list is for folks to prepare themselves for potential problems and to make them aware of potential solutions.