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I bought a bunch of pedals for performing, but when I quit performing sold most of them without second thought. The band I was in needed lots of varied sounds and the pedals let me do that, but for the most part I didn't like dealing with them. Gets complicated pretty fast if you're not careful.

I would recommend the voodu labs power supply 2+ or something like that to manage your power cleanly.

I had a funk box that was kindof unique sounding - an electro harmonix Q-tron that sounded unlike anything I'd heard that I almost kept - essential for certain sounds - but it was more of a funk pedal than anything and I sold it.

What I did keep: 3 cheap Moen pedals (analog) that I liked - Pretty Dolly Delay, Holy Chorus, and the Violent Metal (which has something special going on if you ever play that). But you might give the delay and chorus a listen if you like analog. I thought they compared well to more expensive units - just more clear and natural sounding - especially the chorus.

anyhow, my 0.02. I should've just learned to take the time program my rack unit (Rocktron Voodu Valve) to make changes for an entire show.

BTW - someother stuff I sold included
Visual sound Jeckyll/Hyde; FullTone OCD, Visual sound H20, Roctron Comp, Rust Driver, Boss Looper (fun but very specialty pedal....) some type of boost pedal (nice for solos), oh and get you a tuner (i did keep the polytuner I had too for quick tunups between songs), probably 1 or 2 pedals I forgot - but for the most part disappointing experience.

And one other thing... half the time you'll be happy just to sortof be able to hear yourself and the band ok on stage. quality tone and the mix of all your pedals will be far down the list of concerns. if you've got the wrong setting or knob twisted somewhere on a pedal you may not even hear it. (your knobs will change just carrying your pedalboard around so keep track of your knob settings and check before each show). to a large degree you just gotta trust the soundguy out front to make the best - that's part of why I say I'd prefer something like a rack with presets (or I guess a pedalboard with presets would do the same deal). If I had to do it over for live presets are definitely the way I'd go.

edit: sorry - I just realized this thread was essentially dead for 10 months with the exception of the post prior to mine. apologies

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