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Oh yeah, is multimode usable now? I remember it was useless in the v1 days (it would confuse all the routing matrix settings and was generally unplayable). Then again, multimode is buggy in alot of synths.

I could be wrong... but I thought it was a component supply issue that was the final nail in the coffin?
It was the VCA. Jurgen did acknowledge that Sunsyn could be redesigned around a VCA that was still in production but it would have been a chore and even if he did it, it wouldn't be better than it is now.

Mmm...doesnt sound too great those issues...particularly the heat tuning stuff...
Its not that bad. Its just an odd quirk of the synth and you just need to tune it up more frequently. If you have an OS 2.0 then its not a problem at all because it will autotune the envelopes. The worst problem for me was the MIDI log jamming. Having it crash mid performance is not cool and it would do this alot if you hammer it with MIDI. I fixed most of the MIDI related problems barring the log jams using MIDI OX filters and transforms.