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Thats pretty much correct. In the beginning there were alot of issues, some very serious. Now most of the OS bugs have been fixed but the MIDI is still not good. Whether it affects you seriously or not depends on what you do with MIDI and what DAW you use.

It was discontinued the first time because the VCA went out of production. The Mk2 was discontinued because it was difficult to source "exotic" parts (which probably includes the VCA).

There were loads of other reasons that Jurgen gave for not wanting to build Sunsyns again however. He said that it almost bankrupted him, that the synth was not easy to build, service or re-engineer and that it was difficult to train others to build/service/re-engineer them because the design was idiosyncratic.

Finally, he said that he was more interested in making new things rather than trying to make the Sunsyn live up to the impossible dream that people have for it. I don't think he feels he can make the synth live up to that, so right now, it just is what it is. Take it or leave it. Live with the negatives or sell it to someone who can.

Few people were interested in buying it the first time round and not many were made. The highest serial number I've seen is #172. They only become super desirable when they ceased production and people started throwing money at the wall to acquire one of the two hundred or so units that are out in the wild.

When Mk2 came out I think some people were hoping he would make more Sunsyns for 5k euros a pop. But I guess even the money wasn't enough to make him want to go back down that old road. I don't blame him really.