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Old 9th October 2011
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Why is the Jomox Sunsyn not still in production?

Given that it appears to be pretty much everything people here seem to want:

Proper nice analogue sound - in the same league as vintage synths
Multimode filter
Great envelopes
Great modulation
Interesting digital Osc
Modern format

I think it was released before I was in the market for synths - what year was it? seems to me - that its got it all and is what peeps around here keep asking for...I wonder - if it was released again - now the market has become more analogue crazy (and EDM has become more mainstream) - would it do better now?

Im not asking for it to be made again - cos I know it wont. Just a bit frustrating really to hear demos - and to realise - this one synth could probably cover all my needs if it was still available. The second hand cost now being prohibitively expensive. Timing is everything!