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Help me out with this confusion

Cubase SX + 44,[email protected] > Nuendo + [email protected]

Is Cubase SX better sounding than Nuendo because I use a lower sample rate or is it because I'm using Cubase SX and not Nuendo?

Both my brother and I am sure about the fact that Cubase SX sounds better, more musical sounding and a bit less muddy. When I did low level performance measurements the difference between Cubase and Nuendo was on the atomic level, the biggest difference was the overall noise frequency location. That plus the fact that I have earlier noticed that the velocity response is more muddy when I run at 96KHz sample rate makes me bet on the sample rate rather than on the DAW software. I use an RME Fireface 800 converter.

Or could the combination be what makes the difference?!