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Originally Posted by fifthcircle
Had a horrible head cold, allergies, and then flew on an airplane... Gave me problems a few years back.

My audiologist put me on a regimen of Flonase and Niacin (non- time release, he wanted the flush) and I was back to normal inside of a month.

He explained that with cold/allergy based ringing, it is usually because of the Eustachian tubes from the sinus to the ears getting plugged. The flonase was to unplug everything and the Niacin’s flush means that it is restoring blood flow in the smallest blood vessels to fix any potential damage that may have happened.


I also had allergies that were untreated.
One year my ears filled with fluid and the loud ringing started.
I went to the doctor completely freaked out and he put me on Flonase, Claritin, and Sudafed.
I was sure I had permanent tinnitus. I couldn't sleep it was so bad.
Well it took about 1-2 months to go away, but it did.
Ever since then I've been really careful with volume.
I also take Flonase daily when allergy season comes around.
Never had a problem again.

The weirdest part was although my ears were completely muffled and ringing during that time, I still aced the hearing test.

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