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Old 9th May 2006
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the manual sucks (is badly written)
there are two ways to deal with this:

1. find out which control (attack for instance) reacts to which midi CC command
then try to change the knob on the BCR to that specific CC command
this can be a pain in the rear, because of the not very informative display
you can check by looking at what CC command comes into the computer (inside your sequencer, or with a little tool like "midi monitor" (for apples)
2. find out which CC messages are coming from what knobs on the BCR
then have the sequencer "learn" that message for the "attack" or other function of your plugin. logic has a quick "learn" function now. so does Live, and most other stuff.

the first method takes some time, but is very useful. you can create different pages for different synths (preset buttons to switch between setups)
the second method is usefull when you try out and use a lot of different plugins and a lot of different parameters, find a nice one, do the quick "learn" function, play the song, twist the knob, ok, nice, press "record" and do the thing again.

I have to confess the BCR gives me a slight headache.
but it is useful
good luck.