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API or Germ

I have had API 312 pres with a variety of different transformers on them and have used them for years and love them on everything! I just got a Germ pre a few weeks ago and love it even more on electric guitar and overhead mic. It has a wonderful smooth creamy top that the API just doesn't have. API pre's are wonderful too but I'm really in love with the Germ, so far. I also used the Germ on vocals and liked it there as well. You can't go wrong with either one really.

If you are going to go with the API then I would get the OSA pres with different transformer options(like the Lundahl)You will have more colors then just the API with the Jensen trannys on the inputs.In fact a friend of mine used to record with the API 3214 all the time and I gave him an OSA pre to try and he thought is was much more open in the hi end and liked the pre much more then the API.He bought the OSA pre from me,and it's his goto pre.

Just my 2 cents!