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Originally Posted by Jose Mrochek
It doesn´t matter, my point is that a record to my taste has to have the same color throught. Again, this is very personal and what backs up my theory is the best record thread. Even though this is the future not the past, even musicaly we prefer the same drum sounds throught, the same guitar tone, bass tone.. etc.. You probably don´t want 5 different drummers in a record unless you are christina aguilera or something, who´s record will never enter the gearslut charts.. records with to many variables rarely make it to the best records threads.

Ofcourse the Pre´s are of least importance on why those records are on that list, but it is in fact a small contribution. This is a pointless discussion man, I also see your point. I just don´t agree with the variables. Unlimited track counts is a variable that has hurt more than helped how records are made, but I don´t want to hijack this thread into that.