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Originally Posted by Alexi
i joined the tinnitus team when i was 16 years old.............there were times i thought i'd go nuts.....

i am turning 23 in two weeks, my tinnitus is still there but it's quieter now than it was then...........or at least thats what i doesn't bother me anymore........
If you're like me it'll be not so much of a bother through your 30's and into your 40's... then in your early 40's, when you least expect it, it will not only be pretty painful to attend a rawk show without earplugs but you'll find that listening to your monitors at 50-60db is a real struggle due to the ringing.

Or maybe you'll actually be careful with your ears through your 20's and 30's... lay off "gak" and great big swimming pools full of whiskey and not have the same extent of annoyance I seem to have gained.