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Old 9th May 2006
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Nice initiative Frequency, thanks! I'll try to contribute as well.

During the last days I have noticed that my ringing sound has been varying a lot, so I hope that's a sign of something positive. By placing the most quiet CPU cooler I've found in my main workstation I think my Tinnitus has become a little better, at least during the days. Besides this I try to stay as neutral as possible about this and try to think that the body can heal itself during the right circumstances. Lately I've tried to simply consume less sound each day by making decisions about it. I've also asked God to help me out with it. Besides this news I have got more news that give me more puzzle pieces about how I should deal with it. I recently noticed that my new 21" CRT monitor that I purchased right before I got into this third serious Tinnitus wave has a sound which is extremely high in frequency. There are two sounds, one low and one high, both are hard to hear due to the computer noise. When I remove the cable from the electricity outlet to shut it off it dissapears. In this way I can rest my ears more during the nights and hopefully get a better recovery. I have also limited the number of hours awake as well as have started to rest myself an additional hour each day during the day, just to get more overall rest. I think this strategy of eliminating overall daily sound consumption seems to affect my Tinnitus to some degree which gives me new hope.