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Originally Posted by KingDaddyO
Hi Geoff,
Ooops... Yes indeed, I was looking at this from the wrong direction (from across the pond where everything is 110). Looks like it was one of those late nights when my fingers pulled ahead of the still functioning part of my brain. Hmmm, maybe I need to get out more ~8^|

All the points that you've mentioned are spot on - had the switch been set to 110, there wouldn't have been anything dim about those bulbs.

Let's just hope that Dee Dee can confirm that the switch was set to 230 before power was applied.


Sadly, no... for some implausible reason, the 240v 50Hz power was applied prior to establishing what voltage the unit had been set to and then, to the sounds of frying components and their effects on the audio path, the unit was left on for more time.

I don't have a diagram for a dBx 160 but would hope that it had IC regulated power supplies and the IC's gave of the lives as they tried to accomodate twice the normal voltage hitting them.

As they make a huge difference to the noise and ripple on the rails, the hum noise could have been the ripple passing through onto the audio.

What the IC's did with an unregulated and much higher voltage is anybody's guess... in fact, all I have written has been guesswork and assumption but, equally sadly, it will probably cost more to repair than the price he paid for it.

A hard lesson indeed....