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Old 8th May 2006
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Fostex D2424lv -> mac. What to do??

I am thinking of getting the RME hammerfall LE (2 or 3 adat ports, no analog) for my Mac G4 to transfer tracks via ADAT from and to my Fostex D2424.

My thoughts are if I should get an RME Fireface 400 instead.

The other thought would be to go for a new system and dump the fostex.
I have no issues with the fostex but the only thing I compared it to was my Motu 896 which I sold. couldn't really hear a difference myself. Anyone have any thoughts on the quality of the fostex relative to what is on the market these days???

Another thing while I'm here!
I presume I can record directly into the mac using the fostex as AD but can I monitor using the DA at the same time??? Will it work as stand alone convertors?