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Originally Posted by dubrichie

well, is there anywhere in the uk/eu i can order a decent rackmount pc case online?

preferably one that can be easily tamed to be quiet.




There are several (not that I can name specific ones now), do a search on google of Yahoo.

One word of warning, I had a rack mount computer case and it was nothing but grief. Due to the construction it twisted slightly corner to opposite corner and would cause the boards to loosen frim the motherboard, it was also suprisingly heavy. I eventually changed to a Li-an aluminium case and never looked back. Rack cases are also a pain if you rack mount them from a servicing (read having a quick check inside) point of view. I can understand wanting a computer that can be racked (and flight cased) thats why I originally had one, however I have to say I'm a lot less sold on the idea now.