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Originally Posted by KingDaddyO

Regardless of where the fuse is located, I can't imagine that this unit takes a 13A fuse. 1 to 5A would be typical for a low powered device operated at 110 or 230 VAC. For proper operation in the UK, your slider switch should be set to 230. If it was set at 110 during intital power on, again that would not have caused any damage. It would just run very poorly (if at all) and the lamps would be very dim.

Are you not looking at it from the wrong direction?

If it was designed to work on 110 volts and was connected to 230/240.. it would not have bulbs glowing dimly.

I'm worried about the "converter" he speaks of. By converter, is it simply a plug adaptor that allows a USA ac connector to plug into a UK socket... assuming that the voltage selector on the unit is set to the corresponding voltage...?


Is it a step down transformer?

I think it more likely the former. I suspect it's the sort of adaptor that you use in the UK to plug a 2 pin electric razor into a 3 pin wall socket...or a simple international adaptor. Hence the 1 amp fuse.

The fact that it was plugged in... and then the voltage switch noticed... worries me.

DeeDee needs to confirm exactly what the devices are and what the unit's voltage was set to when he plugged it in.