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Originally Posted by superburtm
OK one other important question about this system..if I create 2 AUX's for multiple mics to be summed to an audio track will there be a latency?
everything will create an delay

an aux track is causing 6 samples of delay. ( here @ least ) .

the plugin delays will be displayed in the particular channel if you click apple + mouse in the " fader volume screen ".

the answers JULES did give make it sound like its a nobrainer ( well if you work every single day with it, it probably is but ... : )

if you dont know what plugs you gonna use in the end and you have different plugins f.ex on the different drum tracks every channel will be delayed differenetly which can be pain in the ass in fact of that nice sounding phase shifting.

a nice workaround is to throw the time adjuster plugin to every single f.ex drum channel and match the delaytime by the track that causes the biggest delay.
after your done with the setup you can just nudge those tracks back by the same amount and keep the time adjuster plug, or your doing it differently with every single track and remove the ta plugin.

in general those plugins cause delays that arent really " hearable " in the first place. there are some evil ones which create delays > 1s . and some rtas even which " wont " show a delay ( whyever that is ) adding a delay as well.

so if you wanna route f.ex bd,snare,toms to 2 different busses simultaneously and send the overheads and all the room & cymbal stuff to an extra bus etc.
this can really get complicated if youve never done this before.

so this and some other stuff is the big bonus with HD.

but if you have some nervs you can work it out !

good luck