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Originally Posted by DeeDee
Hi Thanks for the reply,

The 1amp fuse was only in my uk converter and not the machine itself, do the american plugs have a fuse in them ? if so how do you get at it ? I have noticed that there is a panel on the back of the dbx XT which when removed has a slider switch from 110 and 230 ??

Thanks for all your help guys !

No, most US plugs do not have fuses inline with the actual power cord itself. The fuse is typically located on the rear panel, after the ac input and before the power supply. The better built units have a fuseholder with a removable cap for easy replacement. The cheaper designs have an internal fuse which you have to remove the cover to get to.

Regardless of where the fuse is located, I can't imagine that this unit takes a 13A fuse. 1 to 5A would be typical for a low powered device operated at 110 or 230 VAC. For proper operation in the UK, your slider switch should be set to 230. If it was set at 110 during intital power on, again that would not have caused any damage. It would just run very poorly (if at all) and the lamps would be very dim.