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Old 8th May 2006
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The new novations are amazing!

The 'Novation Remote SL' series.

The SL stands for 'Soft Label'. Basically there are screens running accross the top that tell you what each knob, fader and button are controlling, and at what level they're set to.

What's better, is that whichever window (be it a softsynth, sequencer or whatever) is active, that's what the novation is controlling, with all the values on the screen updated instantly. This allows a much faster workflow in the studio, plus is awesome for live!

It's hard to explain, but check out their site and some reviews. Highly recommended!

I know Novation moved production for these to a new factory, and the build-quality is greatly improved over the old Remote's and X-Station's.

They come in all the usual sizes, and though a little more pricey are worth every cent in my opinion. Especially if you're mainly ITB.